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Adjusting LED Brightness on Orbi Outdoor Satellite in few Steps

    LED Brightness on Orbi Outdoor Satellite

    Your home network will benefit greatly from the addition of Orbi Outdoor Satellite, which expands your Wi-Fi coverage outside. However, in some circumstances, you might wish to change the Orbi Outdoor Satellite’s LED brightness in order to conserve energy or lessen light pollution. Fortunately, changing the Orbi Outdoor Satellite’s LED brightness is an easy operation. We’ll walk you through the quick steps needed to make this modification in this blog.

    • Use the Orbi Outdoor Satellite Interface – You must first visit the Orbi Outdoor Satellite interface in order to begin. To do this, take the following actions:
    • Link your mobile device or PC to your Orbi network. Lay “” into the discovery bar of an exposed web browser. Pass in the username and passcode to log in to Orbi. The credentials are located on a sticker on your Orbi admin login device, if you haven’t changed them.
    • Select the LED Settings- You must go to the LED settings after logging into the Orbi interface. As follows:
    • Find and click the “Settings” option on the Orbi dashboard. From the choice on the leftward, pick “Advanced.” Right now, choose “LED Settings.”
    • Modify the LED Intensity- It’s time to change the LED brightness now that you’re at the LED settings. Among your choices are:
    • LED Brightness Slider- To change the LED brightness, navigate to the LED Settings page and look for the brightness slider. To upsurge or diminution glare, slide it to the left or right. The LED brightness should fluctuate in real-time as you slide the slider, letting you select the perfect setting.
    • LED Schedule- If you’d like, you may set up the LED brightness to vary at certain intervals. You may customise the timetable for the LED brightness of your Orbi Outdoor Satellite by clicking on the “Schedule” button. To save energy and lessen light pollution at night, you may, for instance, dim the LEDs.
    • LED Off- By selecting the “LED Off” button, you can totally turn off the LEDs. If you wish to conceal your Orbi Satellite at night, this is helpful.
    • Conserve Your Preferences- Remember to save your settings after adjusting the LED brightness to your preferred level. All you have to do is click “Apply” or “Save” to have your changes appear on your Orbi Outdoor Satellite.

    Final thoughts

    You may quickly and easily tailor your Orbi Outdoor Satellite to meet your unique requirements by changing the LED brightness. These procedures will help you get the desired LED lighting, whether your goal is to conserve energy, minimise light pollution, or just make your Orbi Satellite fit in with its surroundings.