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How To Setup Netgear Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wifi System

    How To Setup Netgear Orbi Whole Home Mesh Wifi System

    This is a digital era and almost every work is done online and for that the most prior thing is wifi network which must be robust, durable and constant. Sometime our wifi router couldn’t provide us reliable speed because we are working out of its range or the signal might be poor so for that one must use wifi extenders to remove all these errors and Orbi mesh can be the best choice for this. In this blog you will get to distinguish about the progression of setting up Netgear Orbi mesh wifi system

    • To start the Orbi setup process, you must take out your Orbi mesh from the box with its other setup objects that comes in the box, like Orbi base station and Orbi satellite. Choose the ideal place to setup your base station and for satellites too.
    • Assemble the hardware, using an Ethernet wire attach one end with your existing router and other to Orbi base station’s yellow port then link the base station to the power source and power it up for further process. Solid white LED light is the indicator of router is ready to work. Place the satellites on those places where you want extended wifi network and make sure they must be linked to power sources.
    • Launch any web browser on your device and enter the IP address or web address of Orbi in its address bar that is or
    • Continue the process by clicking on the enter button after which you will get the Orbi access page where you have to enter the login specifics, you can use default ones to comprehend the process. If you have updated the specifics then use changed login credentials.
    • Produce new admin password and generate new name for SSID and code. You must check the firmware update before proceeding further and if there is new update available then update it to enhance the performance and security of your router. This will also make your benefitted with new features.
    • If you want then you can accomplish advance setting as well like parental control, creating guest networks, port forwarding and device arrangement. You can do these setting by entering the web or IP address to get the access of admin panel. You can also fine-tune the settings conferring to your preferability.
    • The setup of Orbi satellite is crucial to extend the coverage and getting excellent performance. Make sure to place these satellites in the 30 feet range of your base station. Eradicate the hindrances between the base station and satellites, while using multiple satellite make sure to place them evenly to get dependable exposure.
    • The last step is verifying the network coverage and speed with the help of connected devices specially where there was no service available earlier. You can change the placement of the satellites to ensure the signal strength. If there is still network issue then either you can check it with your ISP provider or get in touch with Netgear Orbi support team.

    End Thoughts

    If you still encounter issue with setup or network is still prevailing then we suggest you to visit our website or talk to our technical support experts to ensure the solution to your issue.