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How To Setup Orbi Satellite

    How To Setup Orbi Satellite?

    Orbi is the only brand that offers additional satellites to extend the wifi signal and strength at your desirable locations. With the help of orbi router setup forget about the dead zone and weak signal areas of your place. This blog will be helpful, if you are using Orbi router and satellite for the first time then you might need some help about the process and its instructions.

    • Start the preparations by unboxing the package and take out the components including router, satellites, power adapters, cables and mounting equipment. Decide a better place for the router setup, the centre of your house is the perfect but make your there must no hindrance of thick walls, heavy metal objects, other electronic device between your Orbi router and main router. Also search the ideal location with ideal distance for satellite.
    • Connect the satellite to the power source first and turn it on, wait for LED indicator to light up and change its colour so that you will know that it is ready for further setup. The LED light colour must be white and it must be stable.
    • Link it up with Orbi router, you can choose between two methods for the setup one is manual and second is WPS, if you want WPS method then hold the WPS button which you can find on the router and wait until it starts blinking. You need to hold the button for almost 2 minutes and notice the LED light colour of the satellite if turns white and no blinking is there then it is done, release the WPS button and your satellite will connect itself to router automatically. After the connection the satellites LED will change its colour to blue or magenta.
    • Now if you want manual method for the setup then you have to download the Orbi app on your device for further process. Unveil the app comprehend the login with login specifics of your Orbi account and trail the prompts which your app is defining. You will be prompted to add satellite and connect to your wifi network. Choose the satellite you want to add after pressing the add option in the app and provide the SSID details of your wifi network. After the successful connection of wifi the satellite will link to router. Manual method can also be used when WPS button won’t work.
    • The satellite must be placed on elevated surfaces to enhance the signal. Test the connection with the help of devices and make sure that LED light should be white, green on the router and on the satellite, it must be white or blue. These indicators must be stable and not blinking.
    • Check if there is firmware update available or not, if there is then update your firmware with latest version, this update usually comes with newest features reimbursements and security augmentations.


    Whether you are choosing WPS method or manual both needs to be executed properly and keeping a check on LED indicators is also an important factor in this setup. If you require any assistance related to this process then without any hesitation reach out to our expert team.