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Orbi Setup

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Orbi Setup | Orbi Router Setup

If you need a swift, steady and sturdy internet connection at your workplace or at your home then can trust Orbi mesh wifi system. To intsall and setup your Orbi router you need satellites depending upon the size of your place. Make sure to gather all the things like Orbi router, enternet cable, modem adapters etc. of setup at one place to have hassle free process stick to instructions provide below for the ORbi router setup:

  1. The first step is hardware setup of your Orbi device, you can use the existing router as well for the setup, and to link them use an Ethernet cable (must be in good condition). Join one end with your current modem and the other end with router’s yellow port space.
  2. Download the orbi app from you have to complete the registration of your Netgear account. To enable the cameras, you need to scan the QR code on the router’s base, click on continue. You also have to register your Orbi model and satellites’s number.
  3. Electrical setup is the second step for orbi router setup, you have to make sure first that your power socket is in good state and are working as well. Now you have to activate the router by plugging the adapter into the socket and press the power button on the router and also of the socket. Wait and observe till the LED light turn white.
Hassle Free Setup Of Orbi System
Setup Of Orbi System
  1. If you want to spread more wifi coverage around your place then you can use Orbi satellite for this purpose, for this too you have to plug it into the power socket wait till LED light on the satellite turn white completely.
  2. Now you need to complete the wifi settings for connecting to Orbi device for Orbi wifi setup, in the wifi setting you will find the orbi click on it and create the connection. you must be having the default password of your router enter it and proceed further.
  3. Now you have to complete by putting using the Orbi web address in the browser of your penchant. Use these web addresses or By pressing enter button you will get some instructions on the screen follow them and finish the configuration process. 
  4. You will be then asked to enter the orbi login details, put the details and after that you can also customize your settings. You are advised to create new password and SSID for your Orbi.

The installation and setup process has been completed for your Orbi router and satellite.

Orbi Setup with existing router

You can setup your Orbi with your current or existing router because it is designed in a way that the main purpose of network extension could be solved. Orbi is the way to improve the performance of you existing wifi network router. To complete the Orbi wifi setup process, you need an Ethernet cable that must be in sound condition. In the wifi setting you have to establish the new wifi network for your Orbi router setup. Once the setup and connection are complete you will ne able to use both the device in conjuction.

Netgear Orbi setup without an app

You can complete the setup with the help of web browser instead of using Netgear Orbi router setup app. To install your Orbi system use your mobile or laptop or PC to access the web browser for the configuration of the router and satellite. Ethernet cable is required to accomplish the process. Attack the one end of it to the device and other with the router.  Access the default wifi network, enter the password and change the settings by entering new SSID and keyword. You can also use web IP address for the configuration that is You have to complete the instructions for the Orbi setup on the browser only.

Netgear Orbi Setup Without An App

Using Orbi satellite without Orbi router possible or not?

Using Orbi Satellite Without Orbi Router Possible Or Not?

Orbi router is the main part of the Orbi system and is the base to connect to other device, its not possible to use Orbi Satellite without the Orbi router. Orbi satellite need to be setup and register that one can do only through the Netgear Orbi setup. The main motive of the satellite is to disperse the wifi strength and provide you the secure network where Orbi router is work as the center of network’s core. Orbi router is the essential part which cannot be ignored if you want to use the Orbi satellite.

Setup Orbi as an access point

If you want to setup Orbi as an access point for your wifi network then follow the given steps;

  • Power on your Orbi router and plug it in to the secure power outlet. Link your Orbi router and modem with the help of an Ethernet cable. Use any web browser and access the router’s default IP address
  • You can use the default SSID and keyword for login until you change it. Go to the Advance options in your devices’ setting, choose “Advance setup or setting”, then choose “Wireless setup or setting”, then enable the “AP (accesspoint) Mode”.
  • For the Wirless network setting you need to change the network name and security options.
  • Save the alterations that you have made for the orbi setup as an access point. Now you can also remove the Ethernet cable. Now if you want to use an existing router then connect the cable again to your key router with WAN and connect to your existing network.
  • If you want to use Orbi satellite then you can turn on it at this point, when you network is established synchronise it with, now you can also inspect the wifi signal strength.
  • You have completed the configuration of your Orbi setup to make it an access point.

If you will follow these instructions for Orbi system setup then you will definitely be experiencing a hassle free setup procedure, but if you face any issue whether technical or out of the bloom contact our experts and get the outcomes within few minutes.