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Can I Connect Orbi Mesh To My Existing WiFi Router?


    Orbi mesh system is the best practicable solution for enhancing the coverage and quality of your existing wifi router. It is a reliable and create seamless wifi zone in your house. If you don’t the linking procedure of your existing router with Orbi mesh then you will get the solution in this article.

    Orbi mesh router

    It’s a reliable, robust and unified wifi network enhancer. It is basically consisting of two things one is its main router and second is its satellite. Main or primary router is connected to your existing router and satellite is used for expanding the network throughout your whole possession. These both are automatically connected with each other and that too without any wires to create a wide wifi accessing zone to surf strong network.

    Orbi router setup with existing router

    • The connecting of Orbi and existing router is also known as AP mode or can also call it access point. First start with Orbi router setup and satellite setup. Select a pertinent place for the satellites is required..
    • Nest type IP address of your Orbi network that is in the web browser. You will be land on the login page enter default requirements for login. You can get these default details from the user guide also.
    • After the login go to the setting section and search the AP mode. Enable the access point and then your existing router and Orbi with LAN and WAN. You will also need an Ethernet cable for linking them with each other.
    • Connect one end of ethernet to LAN of your main router and other to the WAN of your Orbi mesh. After establishing the physical connection between both the router move to the settings and wait until your Orbi router getting it self a reboot.
    • After reboot your Orbi is ready to function. Enter the SSID and password of your main router so that your Orbi can access it and expand the network.

    Benefits of getting Orbi router

    • First and the most essential benefit is the network expansion by eradicating dead zones.
    • Faster internet speed is the another relevant and most beneficial thing which you get by connecting to Orbi.
    • With Orbi mesh you will be enjoying the single network because you don’t need to setup new SSID and password, exiting router’s SSID and other details will be usable for the Orbi router.
    • The Orbi satellite is itself an advantage because where Orbi router can work error free inside the home on the other side Orbi satellite will extend the network coverage outside the house.
    • You can also customize the network accessing range with the help of Orbi satellite.
    • The whole setup and connection process is almost wireless. Only once you need to build up the physical connection and that also needed only between the Orbi router and main router, for satellite you just need to connect it with Orbi router by enabling the setting mode.

    Final thoughts

    With these steps you can easily setup the connection between your existing router and Orbi router. For further assistance visit where you will get to know about the setup troubleshoot and can also talk to their technical experts for more knoweldege.