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Enabling Orbi Ap Mode: Different Ways To Reconfigure

    Enabling Orbi Ap Mode Different Ways To Reconfigure

    Orbi is the most popular product of Netgear because of its efficient network coverage and performance. Its most nifty feature is the AP mode through which you can easily integrate your Orbi device with prevailing network. If you have Orbi device and wants to know how to enable its Access point mode then this blog will be useful for you.

    What is Orbi AP mode

    With the help of AP mode, you can easily extend your prevailing wifi network’s coverage and get the extra access point for devices to link. Usually, router creates their own network but access point works with the existing network. If you will enable Orbi’s AP mode then you can easily augment its wifi signal and get the seamless connectivity.

    Advantages of Orbi AP mode

    • You will be able to access network even in the dead spots of your place with the help of Orbi AP mode.
    • To access the network without facing any connection issue you can use Orbi AP mode and with the help of it you can create multiple access points with different SSIDs and get the network dissection.
    • Easily integrate with prevailing network with Orbi’s AP mode.

    How to configure AP mode

    • Through web

    Link your device to the router with the ethernet wire. Launch the browser and put in in the address field, login with Orbi credentials and access the advance setup option, choose the wireless AP option and complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

    • Through app

    Get the app from app store, complete the Orbi login for accessing your Orbi account and select the setting section, choose the advance setup option and select Wireless AP option to configure Orbi AP mode.

    • Manual setup

    Using the Ethernet wire join your router and device. go to the web interface and complete the login with its web address, then after completing the Orbi login process disable the DHCP server so that there will be no IP conflicts. Go to the wireless settings and match your exiting network’s details.

    Tips for successful AP mode enabling

    • Firmware update

    the router’s firmware must be up-to-date to access the latest feature that also includes AP mode. You can check for the firmware update from Netgear’s official website and can also download it from there.

    • Wifi channel

    To get rid of network interferences configure the wifi channels appropriately. For this you can use wifi analyser app which will help you to choose less congested channel.

    • Router and satellite sync

    You must make sure that router and satellite have synchronized well after setting up the AP mode. Check the SSID details, security protocol and password thoroughly.

    • Testing the network performance

    After enabling the AP mode, you must check the network performance across the various areas and if needed then adjust their placements or check the configuration.

    Final Thoughts

    Enabling the AP mode is the powerful tool to extend your network coverage with the existing infrastructure. If you face any problem while activating the AP mode then without having any second thought you can contact our professionally trained experts to resolve your problem.