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How to Resolve No Internet Issue With Pink Light on Orbi Ring

    How to Resolve No Internet Issue With Pink Light on Orbi Ring?

    Orbi routers are perfect for reliable internet connection, we are living in a world where staying connected is a necessity. When there is no internet connection then we became frustrated, if you have Orbi router and its ring light is pink with no internet connection and you want instant solution then this blog can be helpful. Orbi ring light is not merely a design but a significant thing that enhance your wifi network. It works as an extension to your Orbi wifi system that ensures the sturdy and consistent connection of network throughout your place.

    • Be certain that all the physical connectivity is well established and linked properly, power cables, ethernet wires and also examine the association between your modem, satellite and Orbi router. If any of these will have loose connection then you will face the connectivity issue indicated by Orbi ring pink light.
    • Reboot or power cycling the ring light, Orbi router and modem can help in resolving minor glitches. Disengage them from their power vents and pause for some time formerly plugging them into the power sources again. first you should plug back in the modem then router and in the end ring light. The process will take few minutes to establish the network connection again.
    • Outdated firmware model can create various issues that can be connectivity issue or compatibility problem. Check for the latest update on Orbi’s official website or in the Orbi app. download the update and install it.
    • Sometimes physical obstructions can interfere with Orbi’s network and lead you in this trouble. This issue often created by the heavy electronic devices. Be certain that your router’s placement is right, the central location is the most appropriate for it.
    • Though it is rare but you must check whether any of the Orbi component is damaged or not, physical damage can also cause this issue.
    • Connectivity issues can also be eradicated through the reset process. But it must be your last choice as it will vanish your customised settings. If you don’t distinguish in what way you can do it then you can check it in the device manual.
    • After the reset you have to complete the Orbi login again, here are some quick steps for Orbi router login;
    • Open your device browser and pass in the IP address of router that is the login page will appear where you have to put the login details of your router, you can use the default details if they have not been changed. After that you will get the access of router’s setting and again customise it.
    • If the trouble still continuous then you can contact Orbi support team, they will help you in resolving the issue.

    End thoughts

    There is a significant importance of Orbi ring light in the Orbi router system, if you find any unusual thing in it then you must correctly figure it out first that what is causing this issue and then apply the troubleshooting tips given here.