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Why Does My Orbi Router Wifi Say Connected But No Internet?

    Why Does My Orbi Router Wifi Say Connected But No Internet?

    In this digitally connected world having a reliable and sturdy network is necessary for everyone. Orbi router is popular and leading choice of users because of its latest features and its network extending satellites. Though facing issues sometimes is not a big deal because that can be resolved easily. If your router is also showing the connected status but there is no internet then this blog will help you to resolve this issue.

    What can cause this issue?

    • ISP issues– Not every time router can be at fault there can be issues with your ISP as well, if there are connectivity issues in your area then it can lead you in this problem.
    • Router setup issues– if your Orbi router setup has not been done accurately then also you can face this issue, the incorrectly configure setting can often causes this no internet issue.
    • Firmware issues– if there is latest version of firmware is available and you haven’t updated it then this issue will definitely be going to arise.
    • Network crowd– if there are number of devices that are connected to your wifi network then too you can have this issue.
    • IP address issues– if these multiple devices that are using your wifi network are also having the same IP address then too this no internet issue can occur.
    • Hardware issues– hardware malfunctions can also lead you in this problem and it can be your router, your modem or even the wires as well that can be at fault.
    • DNS issues– domain name system servers are usually responsible for translating the human-friendly domain names into their IP addresses and if these settings are not accessed properly then also you can face this issue
    • Signal interference– thick walls, heavy electric appliances and other connected devices can interfere the signal and you will have weak connection or no internet connection at all.

    Solutions for no internet issue

    • Restart the router– power cycling of the router can often resolve this issue just take the plug out from the power source and after few seconds pause put it back in and turn on the router.
    • ISP status– check if there is any issue with the internet of your area by contacting your ISP.
    • Firmware update– check if there is any firmware update available then without delay get it installed, to know how and from where to installed it check your device guidebook or visit manufacturer’s site.
    • Review the configuration– check the router setting including IP addresses, DHCP and DNS, they must be configured correctly in order to resolve this problem.
    • Disconnect devices– to diminish the mobbing you must disengage those devices which are not in usage recurrently. You can also choose higher bandwidth plan to fix this congestion issue.
    • Change DNS setting– you can use google DNS or Cloudflare DNS to resolve this problem.
    • Replacing the position of router– making some change in router position can also fix this issue, try to keep it in the central location but it should not be interrupted by the physical obstructions.
    • Verify the hardware condition– check all the connected hardware device and if there is any damage then get that component replaced.

    Final Thoughts

    These were some issues that can lead you in having no internet connection problem but with these easy-to-follow solutions you can easily come out of the issue and if you need assistance more than this so you must get in touch with our technical team.