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Home » Orbi Router Started Blinking White And Turned Off! Here Is The Solution

Orbi Router Started Blinking White And Turned Off! Here Is The Solution

    Orbi Router Started Blinking White And Turned Off!

    The centre of your home network is the Orbi router, which keeps all of your gadgets linked and gives you high-speed internet access. Though, there may be epochs when you run into difficulties like your Orbi router suddenly going off and flickering white. With this guide learn the process of getting your Orbi router back up and running.

    • Examine the Power Source- Verify the power supply as soon as your Orbi router starts blinking white and shutting off. Make it certain that the router and the power outlet are both steadily associated to the power adapter. Intermittent power problems can occasionally be caused by a loose connection. Deliberately use an appropriate power adapter or cable in place of the damaged ones.
    • Switch Off Your Router- Sometimes a quick reboot might fix momentary issues. After around 30 seconds, unplug the router’s power adapter. Relink the power string to the router. Await the router’s startup and stabilisation. Squared to see whether the delinquent with the blinking white light remains after the reboot. If it ensures, fix it on to the ensuing action.
    • Reset the Orbi Router- You might need to conduct a factory reset on your Orbi router if the issue doesn’t go away. Reminisce that doing this will obliterate all of your customised settings, so if at all conceivable, make a holdup of your formation. On the nethermost or posterior of your router, look for the reset button. Push and grasp the reset button with a paperclip or other comparable entity for few seconds until the power LED begins to flicker amber. Your router will restart and go back to its original settings after you release the reset button then comprehend the Orbi router setup.
    • Reconfigure your Orbi router- You will have to completely configure your Orbi router after a factory reset. Link the Orbi network via your device. Launch a web browser and type the Orbi router’s default IP address ( or To setup your Orbi router you need to complete the setting up of network name and password.
    • Update Firmware- Your router’s performance may sporadically suffer from outdated firmware. Confirm the most current firmware is fixed on your Orbi router by: Go to or to admittance the Orbi web interface. Check for any apprises by going to the firmware apprise area. If an apprise is obtainable, fix it by observing to the on-screen instructions.


    It might be exasperating to have difficulties like your Orbi router going off and blinking white, but with the suitable troubleshooting procedures, you can recurrently shoot the issue and get your network functioning customarily once again. You may resolve common problems and resume using a steady and dependable internet connection by checking the power supply, restarting, carrying out a factory reset, configuring your router, and updating the firmware. It would be wise to get in touch with Orbi customer care if the issue still exists after attempting these measures.